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To place a booking for Horizons please print out this form.
Fill in the necessary information and email to

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:                                 DEPARTURE 11am:

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, including yourself, who will accompany you in the Accommodation:

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Number of Bedrooms required


Deposit due now:
                (a non refundable payment equal to ½ the rental due)

Final Payment:
              +  breakage deposit                 (payable 14 days prior to your arrival)

I understand that, once confirmed by Horizons, a 50% down-payment is payable plus breakage deposit to hold the reservation and that the balance will be payable no later than
14 days before arrival.

I have read the booking terms and conditions and desire to be invoiced in the following currency (Please circle one) RAND, £ Sterling.

The Client accepts that his / her signature hereto confirms his request that the above booking be made as per his requirements above and that he is aware of the Conditions, a copy of which has already been read by him. 
The Client accordingly submits this Booking Form and signed Conditions and asks his booking be confirmed, provided that he meets the required deadlines of payment of those amounts detailed above.

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